flood maps have evolved into higher resolution hazard maps which are now produced by DOST Project NOAH. Under DOST AO 003 series of 2015 on the adoption of the Department of Science and Technology Data Sharing Policy, the maps of Project NOAH are disseminated here for the public interest. The rationale for the data sharing policy of DOST can be downloaded here and is consistent with the Open Data Philippines Joint Memorandum Circular No. 2014-1.

We praise the DOST Secretary's Office for affirming the principles that "data is a valuable resource to the government, its partners, and the public"; that "the government of the Philippines should take full advantage of its data resources"; and that "all government agencies, in managing data as an asset throughout its life cycle, must promote openness and reusability"; and for adhering to the precept that "publicly funded research data are produced in the public interest and should therefore be accessible to the maximum extent possible".

Disclaimer: The hazard maps shown in this website are for disaster preparedness and prevention efforts of the country. They are not for insurance, bank appraisal or real-estate purposes.


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